In the classroom, the path to true inclusion is often filled with frustration. How can a child do math if they can’t hold a pencil? How can they show reading comprehension if they have speech disorders or processing issues? Panther apps are created to try to help us work together to reach a better place. All Panther apps are built around principles of Universal Design - to foster inclusion in education through access, rather than adaptation. That means more time teaching, and less time adapting. And most of all, more independence for students.



Panther Apps are based on Universal Design For Learning, with a current focus on individuals with motoric challenges. Every one of our apps features huge innovations in access, so a broad variety of individuals can take advantage of our advances – and of the materials you already have in the classroom.


Our apps are based on the premise that when it takes too much time to learn something, adoption is at risk. So every interface we’ve created is intuitive. That means students will be able to figure out how to use them. Teachers will understand how to integrate them. And other staff will know how to support them.


Our apps are made to integrate easily into the classroom. Students can do all their work right on an iPad, and save it in intuitively designed folders. That means real ownership of their work. But teachers and students can also email documents back and forth – as working documents, or as PDFs.


The tonality of a learning environment often sets the scene for everything else to come. So we’ve created all our Apps with the ability to change skins. You can choose everything from the serious high tech look of graphite to the energy of Electic Blue or youthfulness of Pink Bubble Gum.


An idea as simple as putting a pencil to paper. We’ve integrated the principle of Universal Design with an elegant interface to allow quick and simple data entry into an organized piece of “digital paper”. Math Paper offers the foundations to learn simple arithmetic and the power to do even the most complicated equations. Finally, a practical solution that allows you to cultivate the fundamentals of learning while harnessing the potential of the iPad.

  • Base-organized Keyboard
  • Smart Cursor
  • Side Notes
  • Fun Skins
  • Easy Editing
  • Adjustable Hold Times
  • Hold and Release Key Selection
  • File Management
  • Save or Send as a PDF
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Karen Gorman, Assistive Technology Evaluation Coordinator D 75, NYC DOE

"These apps are precisely the kind of solutions that work in a Universally Designed Learning environment. They provide support for those that need it and are easily adjusted up or down as skills develop. Most importantly, the learner can be the one to adjust the supports. The result is very empowering."


Panther Pad turns an iPad into a powerful trackpad for your computer. Its five innovative modes let individuals access a computer in ways not possible before. All modes include powerful commands for navigating websites, improved text editing, and launching and switching between programs and documents. If you have disabilities, the Panther Pad truly unleashes your computer!

  • Five innovative modes
  • Addresses complex motoric challenges
  • Gorgeous and intuitive user experience
  • Change cursor speed
  • Control how cursor moves
  • Open any document
  • Each app can change its skin
  • Connects to any computer
  • Opens worlds of computing power
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Karen Janowski, Assistive Technology Consultant, Newton, Massachusetts

"If you think iPad Technology is amazing, wait until you see what you can do with Panther apps. Students with output or physical challenges finally have cool new options for success!


The keyboard was designed for people who type with 10 fingers. On a typewriter. Back in the 1800s. We thought it was time for an overhaul. Panther Writer is designed for the typing we do today, on a screen, usually with fewer fingers. And it was especially designed to address the needs of people with complex motor issues. Discover a half dozen was to start to reach the potential you have as a writer.

  • Six innovative keyboards
  • Designed to address motoric challenges
  • Gorgeous and intuitive user experience
  • Powerful word prediction
  • Comlete edit capabilities
  • Save or email documents
  • Each app can change its skin
  • Change type colors for visual issues
  • “Hold TImes” allow deep customization
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Marc Sirkin, Vice President, Autism Speaks

"Panther's apps are providing something novel, fresh and exciting. An fantastic platform for building skills and doing everyday tasks - with an interface that is innovative enough to include many people across the Autism Spectrum and intuitive enough for all of us to begin embracing it. In a very complex world, these apps are simplifying the path to increased potential and possibility."


All Panther Apps are designed to be a part of a comprehensive approach to accomplishment, success and unleashed potential. Each App is created to maximize a specific ability. But our relentless pursuit of intuitive and consistent interface allows you to also make the most of using them together. Explore the many customizations you can use throughout the apps to make them work the best for you.

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