Manuals and tips will be posted as our apps are released. If you need more support, email us.

Panther Trackpad


Download Panther Link for MAC

Download Panther Link for PC

I need a hard copy of the Panther Connect User Manual.

Just click here to download a PDF version of the Manual.

I can't connect Panther Connect to my computer.

You need Panther Link installed on your computer in order to use Panther Connect. Download Panther Link from one of the two buttons above. Once downloaded, open the application on your computer and keep it running.

Panther Connect is designed to connect effortlessly with your computer via your private WIFI network. You can find the instructions on how to do this in the User Manual in the App. If you don't have a WIFI network, there are still ways to connect Panther Connect to your computer. Again, please see the user guide. If you still have issues, email us and we will get back to you shortly.

I don't know how to switch between different trackpad modes

To change between different modes (such as Basic or Two-Axis), simply touch the Panther Logo in the bottom right of the Panther Connect. You will see alternative keyboard choices there.

I am not able to do a mouse click.

You can mouse click by touching the bottom middle button on the Panther Connect. (It has an image of a hand. You can also go to preferences and change settings so that you can click by touching anywhere on the Panther Connect Screen.)

Panther Math Paper


I need a hard copy of the Math Paper User Manual.

Just click here to download a PDF version of the Manual.

How do I pinch and zoom on Math Paper?

Math Paper is designed to anticipate what you want to do. As such, it expects that you will want to pinch or zoom to the end of a box, not to the middle of a box. As such, your typical pinch/zoom motions will increase or decrease the paper 2 boxes for each motion.

You can also zoom or move in by hitting the +/- keys in the nab menu.

How should I send Math Paper to another person?

If you want a person to be able to work on your file, send as an MPF (math paper file). If you want to send a file that can't be edited, send as a PDF.

Panther Math Paper


In what order does Panther Calculator process numbers in equations?

Panther Calculator goes through equations in the standard manner. It is called PEMDAS and means Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction. Since the Calculator does not have parenthesis, this app begins with exponents.

How do I use the Square Root sign?

To find the square root of a number, first type the √ sign, then the number, then the equals sign (=). If you want to use a square root in an equation, simply insert it where you typically would in the equation

Panther StoryBox


When will Panther Reader become available?

Panther Reader will be released in September of 2012.

How many stories will there be in the App?

Panther Reader will come with two books. However, you will be available to order more from our store.

Panther Writer


When will Panther Writer become available?

Panther Writer will be released in October of 2012.

Why are you not showing the Panther Writer keyboards now?

We want you to fully appreciate them when they are released.


Getting the Most From Panther Connect

Panther Connect gives you terrific new possibilities for access. To find the best configuration for you, try each Mode with a variation of settings in the Preferences area. Check the Quick Start Guide for additional suggestions.

Math Paper Classroom Basics

Math Paper provides a great foundation for classrooms. TO use it most effectively, a teacher can create his or her own exercises on Math paper and email them to their students. Students can then open files right on their iPads, and send them back as PDFs when they are finished.

Panther Calculator vs. Panther Math Paper

Why do we make both of them? Well, Panther Math paper is designed to promote math skills. And it does not actually do the work for you, so almost all states should accept it for use on State tests. It is a highly developed methodology for supporting learning math. However, now and then, people will just want to solve a problem, or use a calculator. That's why we have both.

What is Universal Design

Universal Design is an approach which states that any piece of technology should be usable by a large number of people, despite diversity in their skills. Universally accessible technology begins with an understanding of diverse abilities and access methods.

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